Best Places with free Wifi in Dubai – Airports, Marts & more

There are many places in the United Arab Emirates where people can connect their mobile phones and other devices to Wi-Fi for free. This is a great guide for first-timers in the UAE that will give them a good idea of ​​how to use Wi-Fi for free in Dubai. People coming from abroad who need a SIM card immediately at the airport but also need the help of the internet to find the SIM card.

This is mostly because mobile users have to search for a good SIM one way or the other; researching from the internet can be a good and useful way. In this post, we will give you some tips on using free wifi so you don’t have to worry about staying connected to the internet.

Best Places with free Wifi in Dubai

Tourists are mostly looking for free Wi-Fi after arriving at the airport as they need to get in touch with their loved ones immediately to inform them of their safe landing. Free Wi-Fi service is also available at many places in UAE like Airport, Public Areas, Public Parks and Beaches, Public Transport and many other locations.

1. Airports

By visiting the UAE and after landing at the UAE airport you can use WIFI on your phone without any SIM card _ Sometimes verification is not needed. Free Wifi is available at the airports whose names are given below:

  1. DXB free wifi# (Dubai International Airport)
  2. AUH Free Wi-Fi (Abu Dhabi International Airport)

To connect to free Wi-Fi, you first need to arrive at the airport and search for Wi-Fi based on your airport location. Free Wi-Fi is always provided at the airport, but at later locations (depending on the terminal) you may be asked for a mobile number and some other information.

If you are travelling from the UAE to another country, you will be asked for your existing mobile number. After the verification is complete, you can use the service for free. Here is a quick guide for Dubai airport free wifi login.

Dubai Airport free wifi login

  • Open Wifi settings and connect “DXB free wifi#
  • Open the web browser and open any website in it (i.e
  • You will be redirected to the DXB portal where you have to create a login
  • Enter your name and mobile number (If required) otherwise click on Start Internet Now.
  • You can now access unlimited free wifi at Dubai airport

2. Dubai Metro Stations

At Dubai metro stations, you can find free Wifi named “Dubai Metro Free WiFi”. When you have to go somewhere to travel, you can sit in the Wi-Fi metro and use it completely free. It is internet unlimited but there is a limit set at certain metro stations after which the internet stops or becomes very slow.

  • Network Name: Dubai Metro Free WiFi
  • Limit: Free Wi-Fi is available across Dubai Metro stations.

3. Dubai Tram Stations:

At all Tram Stations free wifi is available for all passengers. To use free WiFi in Dubai Tram, follow the steps given below:

  1. Go to the WiFi settings of your device.
  2. You will see “RTA Free WiFi” or some other, connect this open network
  3. Open your browser and open any website in the address bar (for example,
  4. You will automatically see the login page of RTA Free WiFi.
  5. If the page does not open automatically, then manually type On the login page, you will be asked to accept the terms and conditions (shortened).
  6. Click on Agree.
  7. Enjoy Free WiFi:

4. Shopping Malls & Restaurants

Free Wi-Fi is available in many places in Dubai and other popular cities like Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah. Many restaurants and shopping malls have open-network Wi-Fi. If you go to any such place, check for Wi-Fi, if available, you can use it for free.

Many restaurants and shopping malls have free Wi-Fi but are password-protected. You can find out the Wi-Fi pin code from the staff there or you can check the Wi-Fi password on the front disk.

Here are some famous malls that have free Wi-Fi internet facilities.

  1. Dubai Mall
  2. Mall of the Emirates
  3. Ibn Battuta Mall
  4. City Centre Deira
  5. City Centre Mirdif
  6. Dubai Marina Mall
  7. BurJuman Centre
  8. Mercato Shopping Mall
  9. Dubai Festival City Mall
  10. Dubai Marina Mall
  11. The Outlet Village
  12. Dubai Outlet Mall
  13. Dragon Mart

Restaurants with Free Wi-fi

Restaurants are offering different services at different locations. Therefore, it can be difficult to confirm which restaurant is offering free Wi-Fi in real-time.

  1. P.F. Chang’s (multiple locations)
  2. The Cheesecake Factory (multiple locations)
  3. Starbucks (multiple locations)
  4. Tim Hortons (multiple locations)
  5. Shake Shack (multiple locations)
  6. Caribou Coffee (multiple locations)
  7. Second Cup (multiple locations)
  8. Costa Coffee (multiple locations)
  9. Café Bateel (multiple locations)
  10. Paul Bakery & Restaurant (multiple locations)
  11. Burger King (multiple locations)
  12. McDonald’s (multiple locations)

5. City-Specific Free WiFi Spots

There are different places in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah where internet facilities are available for the public. We are sure that you will get it for free when you visit there.


City Walk, The Beach at JBR and Dubai Metro have free Wifi available for the public. Just connect the open network Wifi with your device to use it. Open the browser and visit any website to get the login screen (If required) enter your mobile number or name to get started.

Abu Dhabi

In Abu Dhabi, you can use free Wifi at Marina Mall, Abu Dhabi Corniche and Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.


Al Majaz Waterfront and Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization offer free Wifi for visitors in Sharjah. When you visit these places, do not forget to use it.

Tips for Using Free WiFi Safely

When you connect to any open Wi-Fi, it can also be dangerous for you. Different types of devices are connected here which can be a problem of privacy and also of threads in the device. Here are some tips to ensure your online safety:

  • Always use a VPN to protect your data from hackers.
  • Don’t put any personal information, banking information or passwords on public wifi.
  • Always keep your device software updated, which will protect you against vulnerabilities.
  • When you visit a website must check it has https:// in the URL.


Free Wi-Fi is widely available in the UAE, mostly in public places and in marts. Whenever you use free internet, make sure to use security apps and VPN to protect your data. If you are looking for a good tourist SIM card, you can choose a SIM with a good plan with the help of the internet. We do not guarantee that the given restaurants and marts will have unlimited free Wi-Fi.