du Tourist Sim Plans and Prices – How to Get du Travel SIM Card

Staying connected while traveling in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) requires a SIM card that can offer you internet and calling services. After moving to a new country, people get confused about deciding which SIM card is best and which one can get on less budget. The best way to get cheap calls and SIM cards in the UAE is with a du Travel SIM card. In this post, we will discuss in detail the different du Tourist SIM plans, their prices, and how to get these SIM cards.

It is the second largest 5G network in the UAE, offering 4G and 5G coverage across the country. Like prepaid, postpaid, and broadband plans of du, Tourist SIM card plans are also available for tourists. With this SIM card, you can not only use calls and data but also stay in touch with local people easily. Its prices vary, but sometimes it also offers a free SIM card that comes with just 1GB of data with a 24-hour validity.

du Tourist SIM Benefits

There are various advantages of this SIM and before buying any SIM you should know its pros and cons.

  1. Easy Access: Getting a du Tourist SIM card is very easy. You can buy it at the airport or at various stores in Dubai.
  2. Low cost: Different packages of du are cheap and suit the needs of travelers. They also offer free sims with no plans that you can get later.
  3. Wide coverage: du’s network is available across the UAE, allowing you to stay connected wherever you are. Its 3G, 4G, and 5G coverage are available all over the country and there is hardly any area where its signals are not available.
  4. Fast Internet: du provides the fastest internet service that caters to all your internet needs. People use it more because of its fast 4G coverage while 5G coverage is also excellent.
  5. Easy Recharge: Recharging your SIM cards is very easy, you can recharge them online or from a nearby store. After buying a SIM card you can choose recharge or plans through the app.

du Tourist SIM plans and prices

du offers different plans so that you can choose according to your needs. Here we will take a look at these plans and their prices. If you buy these SIM card plans with a SIM card, the company will give you travel SIM-free, which can save you around AED or more. At this time a Du Travel SIM price is starting from AED 10.00 without any plan or free calls or data.

du Tourist Sim
du Tourist Sim

Here are the latest prices and comparison table of Du Travel SIM cards.


FREE1 GB24 Hours

AED 49 Plan

AED 4930 Flexi Minutes2 GB28 Days

AED 99 Plan

AED 9930 Flexi Minutes6 GB28 Days

AED 139 Plan

AED 13930 Flexi Minutes10 GB28 Days

AED 189 Plan

AED 18930 Flexi Minutes20 GB28 Days

AED 199 Plan

AED 199100 Flexi MinutesUnlimited7 Days

AED 299 Plan

AED 299200 Flexi MinutesUnlimited14 Days

Flexi minutes are usable to call from UAE to UAE and 100+ other countries. SIM cards are free when you buy a connection with a plan that is given above.

du Tourist Sim prices
du Tourist Sim prices

Many people have a question can they buy SIM cards without Emirates ID? So the answer is yes! In Dubai or anywhere in the UAE you can buy a Tourist/Visitor SIM by showing your passport and visa.

This SIM card is specifically for travelers which cannot be purchased by an Emirates ID holder. According to the UAE Telecom Law, visitors can purchase and use only two SIM cards per passport. This SIM card is valid for a single period which expires according to the visitor’s visa.

Requirements to Get a SIM Card

There are a few things you will need while buying a D SIM which are listed below:

  1. Valid passport: You must have a valid passport. When purchasing a SIM card, you must show your passport to verify your identity and visa duration.
  2. Visa: You must hold a valid Dubai Visitor Visa. This visa will be stamped in your passport and will have a limited duration.
  3. Personal Information: You must provide your basic personal information, such as your full name, date of birth, and your residential address in Dubai.
  4. Image ID: In some locations, you may also be asked to provide a photo ID. This can be your passport photo.
  5. Fee: You have to pay some fee to buy a SIM card. Fee amounts may vary, so check the details before purchasing.

How to get a du Travel SIM card

Getting a du Tourist SIM card is very easy. Here we are telling different ways of it.

1. At the airport

A du Tourist SIM is available at various stalls when you arrive at Dubai Airport. You can buy a SIM instantly by showing your passport. Here are some other benefits you can get from buying a SIM:

  1. There is a staff who understands your language so that you will not have any problem in purchasing SIM and disbursement.
  2. You will not need to travel far while buying a SIM card. As soon as you land at the airport, you can show your passport and get the SIM.

2. du stores

This SIM is also available at various DU stores in the UAE. You just need to show your passport and visa. After that, the SIM card will be provided to you immediately. Here you may have a problem which is to understand the language. The place you go to buy a SIM in town may not have English-speaking staff. Here are some benefits of buying a sim from the store:

  1. You can get more plans and deals and have the opportunity to select plans according to your needs.
  2. Du staff is available who help you to activate the SIM card and resolve any issue that occurs during the SIM buying and activating or using.

3. Online shopping

You can also buy a Tourist SIM card from du official website. There you will find the details and prices of various packages and you can do it in your home country as well. The advantage of online shopping is that you can have your SIM delivered to your hotel or accommodation once you arrive in the UAE. There are also some benefits to buying a sim from online portals and stores of Du.

  1. You can freely decide which SIM you want to buy
  2. You can choose plans as per your preference and budget
  3. Safe from going into too much crowd
  4. SIM home delivery
  5. Time savings

Activating Du Visitor SIM Card

Follow the instructions to activate the Du Tourist sim card:

  1. Insert the sim into your phone and restart it.
  2. You will receive an SMS from 1220 with activation instructions
  3. Reply to the message with your date of the birth year for example “1999”
  4. After confirmation, your sim will be activated and now you can use it.

Due to many factors, many people do not receive SMS from 1220 on their Du sim card. Du may provide an alternative method to activate the Du sim card.

  1. Dial *122# from your phone
  2. Enter the required information for example; Date of Arrival or Date of birth
  3. Provide the correct answers, your sim will be activated in a while

If you face any difficulty, feel free to contact du helpline 155.

du Tourist SIM Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to check du Balance?

Send “Balance” to 1355 to check the remaining balance.

Where can a du Tourist SIM card be purchased?
You can buy this SIM card at popular UAE airports, DU stores, and online at the DU website.

Can the du Tourist SIM card be purchased online?
Yes, can be purchased from Du’s official website and this service is only for people who are residing in the United Arab Emirates.

Can the du Tourist SIM be recharged?
Yes, you can recharge du Tourist SIM online or at any du store. If you have a bank credit card, you can recharge online through the DU app.

Can international calls be made on a du Tourist SIM?
Yes, international calls can be made on the du Tourist SIM. For this, you must have a flexi or international call package. Without the package, you will have to pay the default call rate which can be very expensive.


The du Tourist SIM card is the best choice for tourists traveling to the UAE, allowing travelers to be freed from more expensive roaming plans. Its various plans, low cost, and easy accessibility make it stand out while its fast data speed attracts users. You can get a DU sim at the airport, DU stores, or online shopping and it can be obtained by following a very simple procedure.

The different du Tourist SIM plans are designed to meet your different needs, whether you are in the UAE for a short period or a long period. Share this post so other travelers can benefit and stay connected during their travels.